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ISPA Research Extends to United Kingdom, Canada and Australia

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Cover of the latest edition of the International SPA Association (ISPA) Foundation’s Consumer Snapshot Initiative

Cover of the latest edition of the International SPA Association (ISPA) Foundation’s Consumer Snapshot Initiative

The latest edition in the International SPA Association (ISPA) Foundation’s Consumer Snapshot Initiative has taken on a global reach for the first time. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was commissioned to conduct Volume VI of the popular survey which provides important consumer insight into the spa industry. The initiative extends beyond the United States and also captures the views of consumers in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

“This research aims to shine a light on spa usage trends and perceptions of the spa industry around the world. The level of interest in the results has been remarkable and builds on the continued success of the previous five volumes. As the first international edition of the series, this volume has been greatly anticipated,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees.

The report looks beyond US borders and highlights what motivates people to visit or, just as importantly, not to visit a spa, as well as gauging wider opinions on the spa industry as a whole.

“This research comes at such a fitting time as ISPA celebrates our 25th anniversary.  A big thank you to our spa and resource partner members for their service to our industry,” said Michael Tompkins, ISPA Chairman. “The quality research ISPA delivers is one of the many ways we serve our members and support the spa industry. ISPA has been the authoritative voice of the spa industry from the beginning and will continue in that rich tradition.  We haven’t changed our focus in strengthening our industry – spa has always been our priority.”

Some of the most interesting findings from the study include:

  • Australia has the lowest percentage of spa-goers within its population as compared to the other countries, but it does boast the highest proportion of male spa-goers among its spa-going population.
  • The majority of spa-goers visit the spa between one and four times per year.
  • British spa-goers place more importance on the social angle of a spa visit, with almost one in five (19%) using their most recent trip to “join a friend or relative at the spa”.
  • When it comes to the most popular treatments, there are only subtle differences across the four countries surveyed. Massage is overwhelmingly the top treatment across the board, with almost three quarters of spa-goers (72%) experiencing one within the last year.

This survey achieved a total of 4,028 responses from a sample of consumers in Australia, Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. The sample was selected based on the most up to date census data to make it representative of the age, income and regional distributions of the population as a whole.

More information on the ISPA Foundation and ISPA’s research can be found on the website.



Roosevelt Baths & Spa to Celebrate 80th Anniversary

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Relaxation room at the Roosevelt Baths and Spa

Relaxation room at the Roosevelt Baths & Spa

Roosevelt Baths & Spa to Celebrate 80th Anniversary with Know Your Spa Event

The Gideon Putnam’s iconic Saratoga Springs Spa, owned and operated by Delaware North parks and resorts, invites guests to commemorate eight decades of service to the local community and beyond

Roosevelt Baths & Spa at The Gideon Putnam will host the Know Your Spa 80th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, July 22, 2015, on property in Saratoga Springs, New York. Delaware North parks and resorts, along with The Gideon Putnam and Roosevelt Baths & Spa, invite guests to enjoy an evening of relaxing and celebration, in honor of their 80th year as one of the most authentic spa experiences in the country.

Roosevelt Baths & Spa was established in 1935 thanks to President Franklin Roosevelt’s visionary act to preserve Saratoga Springs. Today, the Roosevelt Baths & Spa offers a transforming hydrotherapy spa experience with naturally healing treatments, performed by an experienced staff known for caring and quality of service.

“We are delighted to be celebrating this major milestone,” says Kim Rossi, Spa Director. “The Roosevelt Baths & Spa have and continue to promote a getting back to basics, natural approach to health and wellbeing. We continue to be proud to share this significant and special natural wonder with our local community as well as visitors from around the world,”

The event will kick off at 4:45pm on Wednesday, July 22, with a Walk, Talk and Taste tour featuring Roosevelt’s new Water Wellness Expert, Trent Millet, an authority on the history and benefits of mineral water, especially the waters of Saratoga Springs. A garden soiree will take place at 5:30pm in the spa courtyard under a tent of twinkling lights with delicious passed hors d’oeuvres, desserts and 1930’s inspired cocktails.

The soirée will transport guests back to the era in which the property was established, with original images of the spa projected onto a giant movie screen, while a Jazz band delights listeners with 1930’s favorite tunes. A speech will be made by New York Parks Commissioner and local historian, Robert Barry, educating guests on the geology of Saratoga Springs as well as presenting an exact replica of the properties’ original layout. The evening will conclude with a magnificent fireworks display people will not want to miss.

Know Your Spa 80th Anniversary Celebration is open to the public and will take place at The Gideon Putnam Resort – 24 Gideon Putnam Road, Saratoga Springs, New York, 12866. RSVP’s can be sent to


Trifecta Med Spa: Anti-Aging Treatments Galore

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Day Spas, Health and Wellness, News | 0 comments

Trifecta Med Spa

Trifecta Med Spa

Anti-Aging treatments include Dermatude Meta Therapy

When the Trifecta Med Spa in New York City (200 W. 57th Street) proffered an invitation to try Dermatude Meta Therapy, I was definitely interested. I have tried both non-invasive and invasive anti-aging treatments, as well as such medical treatments as fillers, with mixed results.

Dermatude Meta Therapy, an acronym for Medical & Esthetical Tissue Activity, uses a precision hand piece to make invisible micro-perforations in the skin in a painless way. The result: the skin’s natural repair mechanism starts producing collagen and elastin to repair the micro-perforations.

I had a single mini-treatment, which was indeed painless, and, unlike other needling techniques, did not cause bleeding or any visible sign of trauma. My skin did feel fresh and smooth, but for real anti-aging results — firmer and smoother skin, better elasticity, reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and pores — a course of treatments is needed. The recommended program consists of four weekly treatments, followed by one treatment every two weeks (four treatments spread across two months. When the desired result is achieved, periodic maintenance is recommended. Before and After images are available on the Dermatude website.

The spa offers other anti-aging therapies, including PRP Stem Cell Therapy,  a revolutionary technology developed by Dr. Edward Fruitman to rejuvenate the skin in a natural and holistic way.

Trifecta Med Spa, 200 W. 57th Street, Suite 1107, New York, NY, 10019; 212.247.4148



Sothys’ Facials and Products Offer Remedies for Sensitive Skin

Posted by on Jul 12, 2015 in Day Spas, Health and Wellness, Product Reviews | 0 comments

Sothys Sensitive Skin products

Sothys Sensitive Skin products

Sothys products and facials offers remedies for sensitive skin. 

Many factors, including weather and drastic anti-aging treatments, cause or exacerbate sensitive skin sensitivity. To address and remedy this problem, Sothys has developed a special product line for sensitive skin as well as a facial treatment.

L’Institut Sothys in midtown New York is the flagship of the luxury French line of spa products; it is represented by thousands of spas worldwide, in well over one hundred countries.

In the city, the Sothys spa is a relaxing oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle just outside, and I was more than happy to accept an invitation to experience their 50-minute professional facial treatment for sensitive and reactive skin.

From the moment I stepped inside the spa on a cool, rainy day, the welcome was soothing, low-key and very inviting. My coat and umbrella were quickly removed and I was given a locker in the quiet changing room. Robed and slippered, I was met by my esthetician, taken to a very quiet (hard to believe the city was right outside) treatment room and settled comfortably on the cushioned table.

Though my skin runs normal to oily in the T-zone, it is not hyper-sensitive. But on this day, after a bout of cold weather, it was dry – and more than ready for the soothing treatment that featured the trademarked Spa Thermal Water which comes from the Belgian Ardennes and has been used by spas since the 16th century because of its unique balancing properties. My face was gently yet thoroughly cleansed, and treated with rich and effective botanical products. The highlight of the treatment was the decongesting facial massage with chilled porcelain spoons.

The facial left my skin feeling soothed and ready for whatever lay outside the protection of the spa. Armed with samples of the products that were used, I was ready to maintain to the soothing, cosseting effects of the facial at home.

Micellar Cleansing Water $28: featuring Spa™ Thermal Water and micelles to gently remove eye make-up and effectively cleanse the skin. An effective yet gentle 2-in-1 cleanser for the face and eyes.

Soothing SOS Serum $46: fresh fluid featuring Spa™ Thermal Water, Wild Jasmine leaf extract and Tetra-Peptide to protect, soothe and balance sensitive/combination skin. Formulated with a unique Moisturizing Complex, this fluid softens, balances and hydrates the skin.Neutralizes sensations of discomfort and limits their appearance.

Nutri-Soothing Mask $42: With a melt-in texture, this product softens and maintains the balance of sensitive skin and relieves sensations of discomfort. Blue ageratum leaf and red algae extracts visibly reduce redness, decongest and soothe all symptoms of discomfort.

Soothing Velvet Cream $52: This rich cream Spa that includes™ Thermal Water, Wild Jasmine leaf extract and Tetra-Peptide protects and comforts sensitive skin prone to dryness. A rich cream featuring to protect, soothe and comfort sensitive skin prone to dryness.

Sothys’ sensitive line and treatments are available at spas throughout the United States. For more information, visit the website.






Lapis, The Spa At Fontainebleau Unveils New Ayurvedic Inspired Menu

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The Spa At Fontainebleau

Lapis, The Spa At Fontainebleau

Lapis, The Spa At Fontainebleau Unveils New Ayurvedic Inspired Menu; 

Spa at Iconic Miami Hotel Blends Age-Honored Eastern Tradition with Western Sophistication

Lapis, the luxurious retreat at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, enhances its spa menu with new, Ayurveda treatments, inspired by unique Indian traditions. These services enrich guests’ well-being and reduce physical discomfort as they help rid the body of toxins and transport the body back into balance.

Merging the comforts of western sophistication with the practice and ritual of eastern treatments, the Ayurvedic Rituals menu will feature four new treatments which all compliment one another. Ayurveda, meaning life and knowledge in Sanskrit, is one of the world’s oldest, natural sciences and whole body healing systems that is practiced by millions as a way of life in India. The new treatments, including the Abhyanga Massage, Arundhati Five Star Treatment, Shirodahra Zekhara Ritual, and Avar Na Body Wraps, follow these unique traditions that are based on a belief that wellness and health are a delicate balance between the mind, spirit and body.

The new treatments follow the body’s intuition, the oils used reflect different needs, and the scent guests’ bodies respond to is the oil used during the service. The three oils and herbs, which stimulate relaxation, rejuvenation and detoxification are made up of various mixtures of essential oils and extracts. The Relaxing oil, used for grounding and centering, contains a mixture of jasmine and vetiver, the Reviving oil, used for stimulating and energizing, contains a mixture of juniper berry and bitter orange, and the Destressing oil, used for soothing, calming and cooling, contains a mixture of sandalwood, lavender and geranium. All oils are pH balanced, PETA approved, antibacterial, antifungal and are free of parabens, alcohol and chemicals.

Each new treatment highlights the use of therapeutic oil and correlates with its Sanskrit word meaning, such as the Abhyanga Massage. Abhyanga meaning “natural flow,” is a massage with a continuous flow of warm herb-infused, medicated oils that subtly bring balance to seven layers of the body. This massage helps to stimulate circulation with long, dancelike strokes that ease discomfort and lessen fatigue. Abhyanga is known to calm the spirit, renew physical energy and benefit mental focus and clarity. The treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage and Tiscah balancing bowl treatment on the feet to detoxify the body. The Abhyanga Massage is available for a 50- or 80-minute treatment.

Additionally, the Arundhati Five Star Treatment, which is seen as the most unique of the new services,focuses wellness and healing to areas of the body with the most nerve endings including the scalp, hands and feet. These locations are the most overused areas of the body and benefit the most from treatment. These stressors are healed using salts, herb-infused medicated oils for exfoliation and massage. Arundhati Five Star Treatment is available for a 50-minute treatment.

Zekhara, the Sanskrit word for the “crown of the head” is thought to be the gateway to enlightenment and knowledge in Ayurvedic tradition. TheShirodahra Zekhara Ritual is a relaxing hair and scalp treatment using the same herb-infused, medicated oils applied in flowing rhythm to the forehead to increase blood circulation, reduce mental chatter and encourage sound sleep. The Shirodahra Zekhara Ritual is available as a 50-minute treatment.

In addition, the Ayurvedic Rituals menu features Avar Na Body Wraps in three different menu selections, a honey herbal moisture wrap, a seaweed herbal detox and a herbal rejuvenation. Avar Na, meaning envelopment, describes the cocooning effect of these body services that begin with moistening the body, exfoliating, wiping the body down, applying the oil, wrapping the body and then massaging. Wrap treatments stimulate exfoliation, effect benefits of detoxification and rehydrate the skin. Includes a body scrub and Tiscah balancing foot treatment to restore the mind. The Avar Na Body Wraps are available as 50-minute treatments.

“At Lapis Spa, we are dedicated to bringing guests thoughtfully innovative services that reflect the changing wellness industry, likewise, we seek opportunities to invigorate even the oldest traditions, like the Ayurvedic Rituals, so our guests are exposed to a selection of services appreciated around the world,” said Josie Feria, Director of Spa Operations. “Consumers are continuously in need of ways to unplug and these services offer a reduction of mental chatter to encourage the natural state of beauty and health as the outer reflection of the inner body.”

With each spa reservation, guests can enjoy Lapis Spa’s signature Water Journeys and the entire Fontainebleau poolscape, which turns a single tranquil treatment into a full day of reflection, rejuvenation, serenity and pampering.


To reserve an appointment or inquire about treatments, please visit the website, call 866-750-4772 or email




Grand Hotel Tremezzo to Expand Spa

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Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como — George Clooney’s favorite hideaway — to expand Spa  in June

The family-owned Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the Lake’s historic resorts, a five-star lakeside property that provides unparalleled views of Bellagio and the stunning Gringe mountains. Built in 1910, Grand Hotel Tremezzo provides a sense of mellow luxury and authentic warm, Italian hospitality. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo team is dedicated to making guests feel as if they are part of the “T” family throughout their stay.

Spa expansion to debut in June

Situated lakeside, T Spa offers treatments from one of the finest skincare lines in the world, ESPA, and will be greatly expanding its footprint at the resort this spring. Thespa offers results-driven treatments that are also relaxing and therapeutic in a stylish setting. This June, the spa will debut new space (three new treatment rooms, new lounge, hammam room) and treatments including a “grand garden ritual” an relaxing body massage and facial inspired by the frangrant flowers of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo garden and many traditional Hammam treatments.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is an expansive property, featuring the following:

  • 76 rooms and 14 suites, each with breathtaking views of Bellagio, the Riviera delle Azalee, or the flower gardens and park
  • A beautiful century-old park and garden
  • Five restaurants led by celebrated Italian Chef Gualtiero Marchesi:

o    La Terrazza Restaurant, fine dining restaurant on the terrace

o    L’Escale Fondues & Wine Bar, the first fondue and wine bar to open on Lake Como

o    T Bar offers a light lunch and serves surprising concoctions late into the evening

o    T Beach, a new concept that is a gourmet destination for summer

o    T Pizza, situated near the Piscina dei Fiori pool serves pizzas from a wood fire

  • Three swimming pools situated throughout the property:

o    WOW – a crystal clear pool set ON the lake

o    Infinity pool in the sanctum of the T Spa

o    Piscina dei Fiori immersed in the park

  • T Spa, offering treatments from ESPA in a stylish space with panoramic views of the lake and mountains
  • Seven of Italy’s top 18-hole golf courses are just a short distance from the hotel


Celebrating their 105th Anniversary and Historic Roots

In 1910, Grand Hotel Tremezzo was originally built by Enea Gandola, a gentleman from Bellagio who traveled the world with his wife Maria Orsolini and decided they needed to build a hotel for the emerging international tourism of the time. The hotel opened with a party and what followed until the outbreak of the First World War was great splendor. For over a year during World War I the hotel was requisitioned for use as a military hospital. In the 1930s, Grand Hotel Tremezzo was bought by the Sampietro family and was seen in the spotlight in the 1932 film Grand Hotel where actress Greta Garbo refers to the hotel as a happy, sunny place. It was bought by the Como-based De Santis family in 1975, who still proudly carry forward the Grand Hotel Tremezzo tradition of charm and authentic Italian hospitality.