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Aspire–For “Barely There” Eyewear

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in News, Product Reviews | 0 comments

Aspire frames are lighter, thinner and more pliable than any other frames I've seen.

Aspire frames are lighter, thinner and more pliable than any other frames I’ve seen.

Jewelry for your face

When I started wearing eyeglasses at the age of 8, very much against my will, I hated the ugly utilitarian frames and took them off whenever I could manage to see, albeit myopically, without the correction.

When comfortable contact lenses became available, I jumped on that solution and used them for years.

And then a couple of strange things happened. I got older (again very much against my will). Presbyopia set in, which meant that if I wanted to see things (like restaurant menus) close up, I had to put on a pair of drugstore readers. And even stranger, I found that I actually looked better and younger when I was wearing a pair of really great-looking glasses.

So out went the contacts. I bought animal print glasses big, bold prescription sunglasses, plastic frames, titanium frames, etc. All had good points, all had one or two flaws. The great-looking plastic frames were often heavy and left groove marks on my nose. The titanium frames often lacked style.

And now came Aspire Eyewear, in both optical and sun-glass frames that were lighter, thinner, stronger and more pliable than anything I’d ever seen. According to the numbers, these frames were 50 percent thinner than a typical acetate frame, 50 percent lighter than a typical acetate frame – and even 22 percent lighter than a typical titanium frame!

When I had the opportunity to try one of those frames, I couldn’t wait to see how it would look and feel with my prescription lenses. I wasn’t disappointed. I chose the style called “Remarkable,” which was described as “A true conversation piece, Remarkable is a perfect P3 shape offering a unique keyhole bridge design and very thin stainless steel temples. A men’s style that works for women, too. Available in tortoise, hunter and crystal.” I chose the hunter color, which was very dark—almost black.

I had my prescription filled very quickly—the same day, actually—at Union Square Optical in New York City. I chose that optician because they carry Aspire frames, and I thought they would be knowledgeable and well-equipped to offer quick service.

When I tried my glasses on for the first time, they looked terrific and they delivered on that “barely there” promise. As they sat a little high on my face, the optician simple adjusted the (proprietary) anti-slip nose pad—and voila! Perfect. (I should mention that the nose pad never, ever leaves dent marks on my nose.

Needless to say I’ve had my share of compliments with these glasses, and in addition to being attractive and lightweight, they are also sturdy.  As they have a seamless hinge, something I’d not seen before, there will never be a need to replace screws that have fallen out.

So what’s the story behind this unusual eyewear?

Aspire frames by ClearVision Optical are created with SDN-4, a specially designed hypoallergenic nylon material proprietary to the brand; it is heat-resistant, has “shape memory” and will not fade in UV exposure. The frames are not injection molded, but created with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to produce unique shapes and a dazzling array of color possibilities. That makes Aspire Eyewear “wearable technology.”

The brand asks the eyeglass wearer: “Who Do You Aspire To Be?” It references popular trends, classic motifs, and advanced architectural aesthetics to appeal to different personality types when designing its initial collection of 12 styles for men and women, as well as three sunglasses styles.

Each of the 36 frames and 5 temple designs in the collection are detachable, giving the wearer the opportunity to further personalize their own eyewear. The Aspire Eyewear logo is placed inside the frame of each pair of glasses, because the label feels it shares creative responsibility with the wearer.

Aspire Eyewear is carried nationwide.    Suggested retail pricing ranges from $249.99-$289.99


How Do I Choose and Use Essential Oils?

Posted by on Mar 23, 2017 in Health and Wellness, News, Product Reviews, Tips | 0 comments


How Do I Choose And Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are Nature’s gift to mankind. A multitude of qualities has made essential oils make their way into cosmetics, healthcare and more. But to enjoy their benefits, knowing how to use and choose them is extremely important.

Firstly, the choice of oil depends on the purpose for which it will be used. Next, its purity and therapeutic value are essential to stay safe and reap the effectiveness. Once you have bought the right essential oil, next step is to use it properly for the problem you need to address.

Let’s take a look in the ways essential oils are used to help you make a decision.

  • A direct application on the skin
  • Inhalation
  • Sprays and Bathing
  • Compresses and more.

Applying Topically – For applying essential oils topically you must know your skin type. Some of the essential oils for topical use are:

  1. Neat oils – The oils that can be applied without any diluter are the neat oils. Because of their mild chemistry, they are not harmful for the skin. Frankincense, lavender, melissa and sandalwood are good examples of neat oils.
  2. Dilute or sensitive – Those oils which need to be diluted with carrier oil before use. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger and peppermint are examples of dilute topical oils.

How to Use

  • Always dilute the essential oil first, then apply it on your skin.
  • Massage the essential oil on your joints, muscles and relax your body. While applying on arms and legs, massage in upward direction, move hands gently over the spine and the sensitive areas.
  • Choose mild, non-irritating oils for topical use. Beware of adulterated, re-distilled and rectified essential oils.

Inhalation  – Inhalation is a fast and secure method of using essential oils. This is an excellent method of relief from stress and anxiety, as well as respiratory issues. Some of the most effective essential oils for inhaling are:

  1. Lavender – Use to release nervous tension, to fight anxiety and depression.
  2. Chamomile – It improves digestion and leaky gut.

How to Use

  • Direct palm inhalation – Take 1 to 2 drops of essential oil, add a diluter and rub it gently on your palms before inhaling it.
  • Diffusers – The easiest way to inhale essential oil is to use candle diffusers. Take a heat-resistant vessel and pour a little water and essential oil before heating it over a candle. This will diffuse the aroma.
  • While choosing essential oils for inhalation, beware of synthetic fragrances. They are not good for you.

Bath – It is the most popular and effective way of using essential oils. Use it to increase circulation, alleviate stress, tension, insomnia, menstrual spasms and more. The best way to use essential oils in the bath is to mix them with emulsifiers like milk or sesame oil. Essential oils that can be used for bathing are:

  1. Lemon and Sweet Orange – It benefits all skin types and lightens up the mood.
  2. Frankincense – It soothes the skin and is the best known stress buster.  Jasmine, rose and sandalwood are effective as bathing essential oils.

How to Use

  • While choosing essential oils for bathing, choose the one that has a calming and gentle effect on the skin and also suits your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin, test it before applying.
  • Add 4 to 5 drops of essential oils to one tablespoon of carrier oil, then add the mixture to the bath water. OR add 5 drops of essential oil to a cup of milk and pour it into your bath water.
  • Using it overtly can cause skin irritation.


These are highly effective for both emergency first aid and pain relief. Compresses can be applied with pressure on specific body parts. It supports the body against infections. Essential oils that can be used for compresses are:

  1. Grapefruit essential oil – If you are feeling stressed and tired, use grapefruit oil to enhance positivity and power.
  2. Fennel essential oil – It reduces and prevents spasms in the gut. Its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties are good for healing wounds and infections. Defense Pure Essential Oils also provide protection against bacteria causing infections.

How to Use

  • To select an essential oil for compress use, look at its therapeutic properties first.
  • Add 10 drops of selected essential oil in 9 oz of water. Soak and then wrap.
  • Use cold water for sprains, insect bite and headache and hot water for boils, cystitis and dysmenorrhea.

Parting Thoughts

Essential oils are good, but only when you know how to choose and use them. It’s also import to take some precautions.

  • Use pure essential oils only;
  • Do not use internally;
  • Know that they can be harmful for the eyes and mucous membrane;
  • Don’t use them for kids;
  • Don’t use citrus oils if you are going to venture outside in a while.


Author Bio:

Amanda Dawson is a fitness coach with a Master’s degree. Her passion revolves around encouraging others rediscover their lifestyle and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle. Her keen interest in health can be seen in her writing. You can read her views on the use of tea tree oil soap, body wipes and sports-specific products.






Skincare Tips From Ildi Pekar, Facialist to Super Models

Posted by on Feb 13, 2017 in Tips | 0 comments

lldi Pekar, facialist to supermodels

lldi Pekar, facialist to supermodels

Skincare Tips From celebrity facialist Ildi PekarPekar

Ildi Pekar, who cares for skin of supermodels Miranda Kerr and Irina Shayk, offers important tips for keeping your skin fresh and lovely during the harsh months of winter.

Diet is most important

During the summer we eat a lot of light foods including vegetables and fruits which contain water so we are more hydrated. During the cooler months we feel a little more lethargic and it shows in your skin because we eat foods that are hot and heavy for comfort, rather than the light and refreshing foods of summer.

Lack of moisture. 

Since central heat dries out skin, this is a great time to change your skin care routine and maybe double up on the moisture.

 Not getting your daily dose of Vitamin D?

This is so important to keep your skin happy and radiant.

How to shift your  skincare routine? What should you do, and what warm-weather habits can you skip?

       Change to a milder cleanser

–       Avoid using harsh toners which can dry out your skin too much and cause irritation.

–       Switch to a heavier moisturizer during the cooler months

–       For fall it’s perfect to exfoliate more to unclogged trapped pores

–       This is the BEST time to get a Deep Cleansing Facial or peel. It keeps your skin soft and clean and helps treat the skin damage which occurred during the summer.

The number one product everyone needs in their arsenal this fall is: A good moisturizer!

How to combat breakouts in the fall season and Dry Skin:

A Deep Cleansing facial would keep your skin in check. Get your pores cleaned  regularly to reduce white heads black heads and acne.

Exfoliating skin and increasing intake of fish oil will also help.



NATURA BISSÉ: Year-Round Protection For Your Skin

Posted by on Feb 12, 2017 in Tips | 0 comments



Sun protection that also protects, repairs and hydrates

Once the temperature drops and sunshine gives way to snow, it’s easy to assume that sun protection is no longer needed.  And that, any dermatologist will tell you is a mistake. Sometimes a very serious mistake, as I found out the hard way. That’s why I look for the best possible sun protection year round, and why I was pleased to discover NATURA BISSÉ’s  C+C Oil-Free MacroAntioxidant Sun Protection SPF 30.

This is said to be the only cosmetic in the world to incorporate Macro-Antioxidants®, powerful and recently discovered natural macromolecules.

Whenever I go outdoors, I apply the product after cleansing my skin and using serum and eye cream. It is a “dry oil” that feels silky and smooth and has a delicious citrus-y aroma. In addition to providing protection against the ravages of ultraviolet radiation—freckles, hyperpigmentation, photosensitivity and general aging—it has ingredients that repair and strengthen and hydrate the skin.

One is Provitamin D. Vitamin D is essential in preserving the skin’s natural self-defense system. It provides intense hydration and helps prevent sagging and wrinkles. However, Vitamin D is compromised and inhibited by many, if not most of the sun-filtering  products currently available.

This sun protection also contains MacroAntioxidants®, powerful antioxidant macromolecules that defend the skin against the free radicals that cause premature aging. (Discovered and patented by the CISC–Spanish Council for Scientific Research–MacroAntioxidants® are obtained from the skin of fruit and are bound to its natural dietary fiber.)

Unlike most drugstore products that contain only the basic sun-filtering ingredients, NATURA BISSÉ’s  C+C Oil-Free MacroAntioxidant Sun Protection SPF 30 is a powerful cocktail of multivitamins and antiaging, firming and repairing ingredients, such as vitamin E, vitamin F, hydrolized collagen, arginine, glycerin, bio-fermented Zea mays oil and alpha-bisabolol.

Priced at $65, it is available at fine stores and online.


I Hate Gray Roots

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But Frequent Touchups Get So Expensive

My hair grows quickly (good)—which results in gray roots popping up all too soon after I have my hair colored at the salon (not so good).

So over the years I’ve tried just about every type of root coverup on the market, including powders, mascara-type wands, crayons and sprays.

None is a perfect solution, though I’ve settled on the sprays. Here are three I’ve used. They all do the job of covering root. All are used in the same way, by holding the can about six inches above the offending roots, then spraying to cover the gray.  As none of the products listed has a color that matches mine (warm brown with reddish highlights), I use a tissue after spraying to do a little blending. All the products dry fairly quickly and the color stays put until I shampoo.

Cover Your Gray comes in various versions, including a fill-in powder to disguise thinning areas, a brush-in wand and a touch-up stick. I have used the line’s Color Cover, a touch-up. The spray comes in light brown, dark brown and black. The retail price is $10.00, but as this is a drugstore product, it often goes on sale.

L’Oreal Root Cover Up is another drugstore product, a spray that works the same way.  It is ammonia and peroxide free, and comes in blonde, brown, red and black. Listed at $10.99, this drugstore product often goes on sale, and the manufacturer often distributes coupons in newspapers and online.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray is another spray formula that is free of ammonia and peroxide. It claims that Hazan’s custom-blended dyes are buildable to work on very hair color. This is true, to a point as the spray comes in a subtler range of colors than the other products listed here: blonde, dark blonde, light brown, dark brown (recommended for black hair color) and red. However, I still have to do some blending with a tissue after spraying. The price (at Sephora) is $25.00. I have occasionally been able to buy it for substantially less on various websites, including Amazon.

Which do I like best? All do the job, all cover roots, all hold their color between shampoos. Though I would buy the Hazan spray regularly if it cost less, I usually choose one of the other two, depending on which is readily available when I shop at my drugstore.


NuSonic Cleansing Tool: New Skin for the New Year

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Winter has come roaring in, hitting most of the country with snow and ice and creating especially harsh conditions for your skin. With freezing temperatures outdoors and central heating indoors wreaking havoc on delicate facial skin, it’s time to crank up your skin care regimen.  Whatever products you use to keep skin moisturized and hydrated, it’s especially important to start with squeaky clean skin.

A number of cleansing tools are on the market, and one of the newest and most effective is Skinn’s  NuSonic Cleansing Tool, which deeply cleans pores and polishes the skin, resulting an ultra-clean, ultra-glowing complexion. Designed for even the most sensitive skin, this everyday tool, which is like a spa treatment at home, allows for 400 movements per second, utilizing sonic vibrations to loosen and dislodge dirt from clogged pores and impurities from the skin.

Your skin will be deep cleaned as never before, as the NuSonic gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, enabling your skin to better absorb needed serums, moisturizers and all the good products that protect you all winter long.  Not only will you be getting the most effective clean with the NuSonic Cleansing Tool, but it will enhance skin tone and texture and diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Ideal for all skin types, the NuSonic comes complete with three additional cleansing heads to meet your skin’s particular needs from a soft, gentle cleanse to a deeper clean for your face and body! The NuSonic cleansing system is affordable and easy to use, with a variety of attachment choices that make a clear difference in skin care. The result is clean beautiful skin. The NuSonic retails for $149 and is available for purchase on the company website.

About Skinn Cosmetics

If you watch EVINE Live, you have probably seen professional makeup artist and skincare expert Dimitri James, who has developed a line of premium skincare and color cosmetic formulas for  Skinn Cosmetics. Skinn formulates and manufactures all of its own products, using highly active, concentrated natural ingredients and avoiding excess water, fillers or packaging. From concept to compact, from brainstorm to bottle, every product worthy of the Skinn name comes to life under one roof, and under James’ watchful eye. Skinn Cosmetics can be purchased online and on EVINE Live.


The Lodge at Pico Bonito Unveils New Organic Spa

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Pico Bonito

Spa Rituals Spotlight Pre-Hispanic Indigenous Healing Culture and Traditions

In keeping with the fast-growing trend of wellness tourism, the Lodge at Pico Bonito, named one of the top 50 eco-lodges by National Geographic Traveler, invites guests to melt away all tensions, boost their immunity and soothe their senses in a new 3,675-square-foot spa opening on January 15th.

The new outdoor spa will have three circular cabins on stilts to maintain balance and harmony with the natural energies of the environment.  Spa will have one cabin for individual massage, one cabin for couples massage, one cabin with a Vichy shower, one Temazcal (a Maya-style sauna), and a nearby plunge pool.

Steeped in pre-Hispanic indigenous healing culture and traditions, the new spa uses all natural ingredients and essential oils in the aromatherapies, facials and massage therapies.  The eco-loge offers the spa rituals listed below.

Aromatherapy Synergies

Aromatherapy, also known as Essential Oil therapy, is a holistic approach of using extracts from plants to balance, harmonize and improve the mind, body and soul.  The eco-lodge entices spa lovers with the following aromatherapies.

Balancing promotes relaxation, peace and harmony by using essential oils such as spruce, rosewood spruce, rosewood, frankincense, and blue tansy.

Stimulating reduces physical and mental fatigue, as well as boosts energy by using peppermint essential oil to invigorate and awaken the body and mind.Detox relaxes muscles, improves circulation and relieves joint pain by using essential oils such basil, grapefruit, cypress, marjoram, mint, and lavender to drain and remove toxins.

 Massage Techniques

Research reveals massage therapy helps to reduce anxiety and stress while improving energy, sleep and the immune system.  Spa goers can indulge in the following massages:

Deep Forest alleviates stress and muscle tension in the back of the neck and shoulders. Guests can indulge in this deep massage for 30-minutes at US $35, 60-minutes at US $70 or 80-minutes at US $90.

Guatusa incorporates herbs to eliminate tiredness from your feet, as well as a deep rhythmic technique to stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce stress and strain on your legs and feet. Massage is available for 35-minutes at US $35 and 60-minutes for US $65.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Chiromassage incorporates two healing techniques – physical therapy and chiropractic – to align bones, improve sleep, and relax the central nervous system. This massage also incorporates a relaxing massage and reflexology to give guests multiple restorative benefits.  The 50-minute massage costs US $85.



Facials – steam, exfoliation, extraction, facial masks, peels and massages – often remove impurities and regenerate and revitalize the skin tissue.  Here are some of the eco-lodge’s facials.

Organic Fruit Facial fuses seasonal fruits, cocoa, clays, cucumber, honey, melon, banana, lychee, papaya, pineapple and passion fruit to relax and refresh your face. The 50-minute facial cost US $45.

Men’s Real Parrot Facial reduces acne and removes blemishes with key ingredients such as mint, rosemary, aloe (vitamin A and C) and oleic acid. The 50-minute facial cost US $45.

Tissue-Repairing Purifying Facial uses bromalina, a natural exfoliant to dissolve oils and cleanse pores, as well as passion fruit, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and energizer, to purify the skin. The 50-minute facial cost US $45.


Lovers’ Treatments

The following couples’ treatments enable loved ones to reconnect their mind, body and soul.

Romantic Rio Coloradito treatment starts with a lavender-fused massage to ebb away back and neck tensions. The treatment continues with a warm foot purification scrub using honey and flowers for her and herbs for him while sipping on a delicious tea from local fruits and aphrodisiac spices.  The 80-minute treatment cost US $90 per person.

Energetic Rio Corinto begins with an aromatherapy massage incorporating ingredients such as basil, grapefruit, cypress, marjoram, mint and lavender. Then, couples indulge in a purifying facial and natural rehydration.  The 90-minute treatment cost US $95 per person.



Temazcal, which comes from the Nahuatl Word temᾶcalli, means ‘house of heat.’ This tradition of purifying the body originates in the pre-Hispanic indigenous culture in Mesoamerica.  Legend has it, the dome shape of the steam house represents Mother Earth’s womb, the beginning of life, and participants experience a rebirth from this experience.

Here are some of the steam house rituals.

Gentle Toucan improves cell regeneration by combining aroma-filled steam bath with therapeutic lavender-infused mud wrap. Price is US $25 for 30-minutes per person.

Revitalizing Cotinga begins with an aromatic steam therapy in our Temazcal to oxygenate the pores of your skin. The treatment continues in our Vichy shower with a pineapple exfoliation and a therapeutic anti-inflammatory chamomile mud wrap.  Price is US $85 for one hour and 40-minutes.

Note:  Temazcal rituals need two people per session.

The new spa will rejuvenate guests who stay in any of the eco-lodge’s 22 private standard and superior cabins, approximately 400 square feet in size.  The spa compliments The Lodge at Pico Bonito, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™, five-star amenities set on the edge of Honduras’ second largest National Park, ten miles from La Ceiba.

For more information about the eco-lodge’s new spa, please visit the website or call (888) 428-0221.