The Royal Treatment Cottage At The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

The Royal Treatment Cottage At The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on St. Simons Island in Georgia belongs to the Historic Hotels of America. Opened in 1935, its focus was beach and golf. As requests for massages increased, the hotel offered in-room treatments until six years ago, when a cottage became available.
This charming small home was converted into The Royal Treatment Cottage. Sharon Carmical, Cottage Promotions Manager, said they realized that with limited space, they needed to start out focusing on one discipline and do it well. So the focus was massages.

As you walk up the steps, you can immediately enter the cottage or sit and enjoy its porch swing for a while. When you step inside, Sharon greets you and takes you into the relaxation room, provides a glass of water with lemon, and a soothing heated hot herbal neck pack to relax your muscles. It was absolutely delightful.

The cottage has three treatment rooms, and six massage therapists who rotate. In order to keep the atmosphere soothing, they do not book more than three guests at a time, even though one of the three treatment rooms has two massage tables. Sharon said the flow would be uncomfortable with an additional person.

Having been to many small spas that do not have locker facilities, I am frequently unimpressed with how personal items are stored. With The Royal Treatment Cottage, you place personal belongings in nice canvas bags and take them into the treatment room.

Next was the great part of the morning, my massage. Buckey, my therapist, asked a series of standard questions, but it only took a few minutes of his working on my back to determine how tight my muscles were.  So I thoroughly enjoyed the Custom Cottage Massage, which was 60 minutes for $95, or 90 minutes for $142.

My assignment was to breathe and relax. I need to stress that Buckey’s massage skills made it easy, which is not usually the case for me. He kept both hands on my body to balance, massage and relax me and was able to break up muscle masses that had been building a long time.

In addition to the custom massage, The Cottage offers a Swedish Massage, same price; Therapeutic Massage, 60 minutes $105, 90 minutes $160; Sports Specific Massage, same as Custom Cottage; Aroma Therapy, 60 minutes $100, 90 minutes $150; Reflexology, 60 minutes $95; Focused Area Massage, 30 minutes $50; and Side by Side Massage, 60 minutes $190, 90 minutes $285.

The Royal Treatment Cottage is gaining in popularity with resort guests. Since the King and Prince Resort is undergoing many renovations, building a larger full service spa is on the master plan. It may just be a while.

Generally, I’m not as impressed with such a small and limited facility. But The Royal Treatment Cottage treated me royally and allowed me to walk away will fewer  aches and pains. It is reasonably priced for its services and all those provided are exceptional.


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