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Beauty Inside and Out – A Complete Approach to Natural Beauty

Beauty Inside and Out – A Complete Approach to Natural Beauty

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Highlighted by SpaFinder as one of the top trends for 2010, Nutricosmetics are essentially the “missing link” between personal care and optimal health & beauty. Increasingly, North Americans are becoming more educated and sophisticated in their understanding on the benefits of how optimal nutrition relates to how they look and feel.

How can Nutricosmetics Protect against Accelerated Aging?

There are many factors that may accelerate skin aging including environmental pollutants, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, smoking and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. As the skin ages, the cells are more susceptible to oxidative stress. These stressors stimulate the production of free radicals, and it is the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants that can eventually break down the connective tissues and collagen, that stimulate biochemical events that may cause the formation of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, inflammation, and loss of elasticity.

Nutritional Cosmetics (or more widely known as Nutricosmetics,) are nutraceutical (active components purported to offer a therapeutic action commonly found in food or botanicals) products formulated to support and enhance the skin health. Critical antioxidants, botanical extracts, isolates, vitamins and minerals are combined in sophisticated formulations to help protect the skin from the damaging of oxidative stress, while promoting a healthy rate of skin cell turnover.

Typically Nutricosmetics work to;

Promote healthy skin through antioxidant protection, hydration and control inflammation

Photo protectant properties (protecting the skin from UV oxidative stress)

Promote a healthy rate of recovery (wound healing)

Promote healthy hair and nails

Promote slimming

Although there are a multitude of ingredients now being marketed for skin health and beauty purposes, it is important to seek products backed by Health Professionals with credible scientific studies proving the desired benefits.

Nutricosmetics in Spa Beauty Programs

An aging population, environmental concerns, the shift toward less invasive cosmetic procedures, rise in spa culture and an increasingly sophisticated consumer are the key driving factors believed to have influenced this unique category of products in the spa/wellness market.

The spa client has previously shown interest in supplementing their diets with products that claim to help lower cholesterol and boost immunity, and are now open to trying products that may help to promote healthy skin and enhance overall beauty.

Nutricosmetics offer a complete approach to spa beauty programs that may enhance end results, thus improving client satisfaction and retention.

Nutricosmetics Complement Medical and Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic treatments and procedures involve many different intervention tools that aim to rejuvenate skin health and beauty. However to attain a desired result, such treatments involve some level of manipulation that increase oxidative stress and offset the radical/antioxidant balance in the body.

If a patient’s health and nutritional status is compromised then this may negatively impact the overall recovery process and impair overall results. It is here where nutraceuticals may further support cellular function to create the most favourable healing conditions. Nutraceutical programs for surgical and medical aesthetic treatments may include ingredients in the form of antioxidants, amino acids, prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The administration of such formulations has been shown in human clinical studies to be beneficial in reducing oxidative stress associated with medical aesthetic procedures.

Healing From Within:

It is evident that the skin responds better to the needle or the knife when the skin is healthy and supple. Outcomes from the aesthetic surgical and minor procedures are optimized when the body has been prepared for changes, albeit temporary, in its homeostatic balance. A strong body, with efficiently functioning metabolic processes, and an intact mind, that can successfully negotiate the transitory imbalances brought about after surgery, form the basis for better recuperation. Recovery is a mind set. When the body feels well enough on a number of levels, to handle environmental, internal, or surgical stresses, the psyche helps the body to achieve maximally positive results. Therefore, healing and beauty, by natural extension, emanate from within, and are best achieved using a holistic approach that helps to bring about the external manifestations of radiant health.

From a clinical perspective, wound healing, whether after a minor in-office procedure or more definitive operative plastic surgery, requires basic physiologic processes to function effectively in an unimpeded manner. All systems—lymphatic, hematologic, neurologic, and immunologic, among others— must be go! Approximately 60% of immune functions are regulated in the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, it stands to reason that “you are what you eat” takes on new meaning! As a corollary to this adage, you also are what you do not eliminate! Gut function is essential to health, wellness, and beauty. Specific cells and tissue, G.A.L.T or gut-associated lymphoid tissue, helps not only to protect the body from harmful substances but also serves to coordinate that function of immune cells, T and B lymphocytes. Adequately nourishing the gut, therefore, assists this tissue (and the body as a whole) in preventing infection and carrying on metabolic functions.

Nutraceuticals, whether in the form of ingestible pills or liquids, may play an important role in those who may benefit from additional nutritional support for healing, optimal beauty, or general health. By providing the body with the nutrients it needs, as a complement to whole food— derived sources, these oral supplements may help to contribute to enhanced results from an aesthetic or plastic surgical perspective.

Paula Simpson, B.A.Sc. (Nutrition), RNCP

Paula Simpson, B.A.Sc. (Nutrition), RNCP

Paula Simpson is the co-founder and one of the formulators behind the GliSODin Skin Nutrients Nutricosmetic Line. She is also a contributing editor to many of the leading medical aesthetic and beauty publications in North America.

Shirley Madhère, M.D.

Shirley Madhère, M.D.


Dr. Shirley Madhère is a plastic surgeon in private practice in New York City. For additional information about her philosophy of “Holistic Plastic Surgery” or her work, please visit or www.drshirleymadhè

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