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After thirteen years of spearheading the mineral movement, EMANI (formerly Emani Minerals) has announced that they are dropping the word “minerals” from their brand name due to persistent abuse and overuse of the term “minerals” in the cosmetic industry!

Over 169 million women in North America wear “mineral” makeup, and over half of those women do not know the real ingredients that they are applying to their face daily. Here are some EMANI ingredients (in bold), listed versus that of their counterparts. What would you prefer to put on YOUR face??

Grapefruit extract vs. Isopropyl & Triclosan
Green Tea vs. Petrolatum
Honeysuckle vs. Talc, Paraben or Nitrosodiethanolamine
100% Organic Flower Oils vs. Mineral oil and butylated hydroxytoluene
Within the past five years many brands have jumped on the mineral bandwagon, because sales have shot up over 60% on “natural” or mineral options. In reality, many large companies are using this term as an advertising ploy.  There are no regulations for what constitutes mineral makeup, leaving words like “mineral” and “mineralized” to be thrown around. This is misleading when consumers are buying “mineral” based makeup thinking it’s a healthier alternative.

Ever wonder why talc is frequently found in the face powder, blush and eye shadows? For starters, talc is very inexpensive and it is used in the highest concentration (ie: #1 ingredient) in most of the top cosmetic products. Why do not we want talc in our product – Because, talc has been shown to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims. The question remains, why does talc remains in popular cosmetic products??

The average woman uses over 12 products a day and is exposed to over 200 chemicals in doing so! EMANI aims to use the FEWEST ingredients possible in each product, which makes it the perfect choice for someone prone to allergies or skin sensitivity. Furthermore, by eliminating the pollutants that normally are piled on ones face, one can slow the aging process. For example, EMANI’s Eye Shadow uses only 9 pure, natural ingredients versus other leading eye shadow brands which use an average of 26 questionable ingredients.

An interesting excerpt from the article cited below reveals: “Each day American women reach for deodorant, moisturizer, and cosmetics. We apply blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick, then maybe dab on a perfume. We look good, we smell good, and we have just exposed ourselves to 200 different chemicals. As American consumers we have every confidence that someone in a lab coat inside a big government building has checked out these substances. Right? Not exactly. ‘You know more about the ingredients in your dog’s collar than you know about the toxicity of whatever you’re putting on your skin’, argues David Wallinga, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C. It turns out that cosmetics – on which Americans spend about $22 billion a year – come to us almost unexamined by the Federal Government. And, as recent events on Capitol Hill indicate, the situation is not about to change.” (National Toxicology Program, Seventh Annual Report on Carcinogens, Rockville, MD: US Department of Health and Human Services, 1994).

Another example is from the article “Safe in the Shower, The Unbelievable Story of Propylene Glycol”, and can be summarized with the following points: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues ‘Material Safety Data Sheets’ that must accompany all hazardous chemicals. The data sheet for propylene glycol warns of severe health consequences and reactions, because PG has systemic consequences such as brain, liver and kidney abnormalities in the following instances……

(1) If the solution makes contact with the skin, in which case immediate action must be taken, and the incident should be reported to the supervisor.

(2) If the solution spills on the ground, in which case it must be contained and the contaminated earth dug up and hauled to a toxic waste dump.

When an “employee” working with PG is finished using the solution, he or she is required to empty it into a 55-gallon drum labeled “Hazardous Waste.” While doing so, he/she must wear rubber gloves, goggles, and protective clothing. When the barrel is full, it must be transported to a special collection site, and the driver of the truck is required to maintain a commercial driver’s license with a ‘hazardous material endorsement’. Improper paperwork or mishandling of this toxic solution can result in severe fines and even imprisonment. It costs between $500-$1,000 to get rid of each 55-gallon drum.

Yet when this SAME “employee” gets off work and goes home, he or she is free to shower with soaps and shampoos and then use cosmetics containing much higher concentrations of propylene glycol than the toxic solution he/she just shipped to the dump. If it was so hazardous at work, why is it “safe” at home?

EMANI founder, lifetime entrepreneur and mother, Michelle Doan, refuses to compromise her company’s integrity by using fillers and harsh chemicals in her products. Being “GREEN” is only one integral part of EMANI, EMANI also proactively formulates their entire line of vegan & natural cosmetics to be high-performing while reducing skin allergy risks. EMANI has successfully removed dangerous pollutants from their cosmetics, but their mission doesn’t stop there. The brand is dedicated to continually improving business practices to help the environment by minimizing their carbon footprint and potential waste in landfills. EMANI uses BOTH biodegradable and recyclable product packaging materials.

Now, we know what you’re thinking…that words like “vegan, green and natural” mean that girls and women have to sacrifice in terms of GLAMOUR and the heart-racing sexy little rush that should come with purchasing cosmetics. Not even close!! EMANI is known for having flawless-skin foundations, lip, eye & cheek colors that range from universally flattering to truly avant garde and runway-ready, edgy industry-leading products (ones so unique and “must have” that you tell all of your close friends), lip shines & shadows that are on trend before the trend even hits, and palettes & trios that don’t even THINK about incorporating the token “dud” color.

EMANI provides natural cosmetics to the socially and environmentally conscious customer who still wants to look and feel 100% gorgeous. The company has become so much more than a make up brand; it’s a healthy lifestyle choice, and it’s a choice that illustrates that women don’t have to sacrifice looking gorgeous or paying a fair price in order to potentially save their lives.

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