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Posted by on Sep 26, 2015 in Health and Wellness, News, Product Reviews | 0 comments

Envisage Renew: Natural Facial Toning

Envisage Renew: Natural Facial Toning

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Envisage Renew

Envisage Rene Envisage Renew: A Natural Toning Device


Until recently, I believed that the only way to stimulate collagen was to cause injury to the epidermis. But when I was presented with a sample of the envisage device, I learned that it could stimulate collagen by exercising the facial muscles, just as I would (theoretically) exercise abdominal muscles in the gym. (I say theoretically because it has been a long time since I hit any gym.)

I have tried some invasive and somewhat-invasive anti-aging options: various forms of dermabrasion, acupuncture and filler injections So I was  eager to experience any non-invasive method that promised to work six key areas of the face: forehead lines, saggy eyelids, smile lines, double chin and saggy outer jaw line and neck.

I didn’t have major problems in all these areas, but I was interested in perking up the eyelids and smoothing out the smile lines and those between the brows (the  so-called “Number 11s”). However, since there was bound to be some synergy in the results, I decided I would do all the exercises.

As explained in the instructions and the online videos, the exercises were fairly straightforward. With a commitment of five minutes twice a day I could expect results in about four weeks; with five minutes once a day, results would show in six or eight weeks.  (envisage actually gives a three-month guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results, the company will refund your money, minus any shipping charges.)

As I knew I would not sit still to work my face out twice a day, I made a mental commitment to one time.

Unlike the many devices that use micro-currents to stimulate muscles, envisage doesn’t require the use of creams or gels. The battery is quickly and easily rechargeable and the two pads on the device need to be replaced every eight to twelve months.

According to the instructions (there’s also a video on the website), I only needed to spend five minutes doing the exercises. If I did them twice a day, I could expect results in about four weeks. (Envisage offers an impressive three-month trial!)

My commitment was to once a day. So on day one, I began with the Cheek Lifter.  I would have to work this area to see results as the cheek muscles are somewhat weak. As instructed, I squinted, felt the muscle, then tipped the envisage and placed the pads on the cheekbone just below the eyes, pressed the pads into my cheeks and down toward my chin. I pressed the vibration button, raised my cheeks up by squinting my eyes and maintained pressure for 10-15 seconds. I did this 15 times. (As always, the recommendation is for 10-15 times or until muscle fatigue occurs.)

Next, Droop Defeater had me working on my forehead. This had me placing the pads above my eyes over the outside edge of my browline – then pulling my forehead muscles up, as if I had been surprised. Again, as with all the exercises, I held for 10-15 seconds, repeating 10 times. I could really feel the vibration on the first round on this exercise.

For the Jowl Lifter, the pads went below my mouth, on either side of the lip area. For the exercise, I had to lift my lower lip up, toward the tip of my nose. This was easily accomplished by imagining I was sliding my lower up over my upper lip. I found this difficult to repeat for the requisite 15, so I stopped after nine.

There’s a second, similar but more intense, Jowl Lifter for more tightening around the jaw, but as this was not an area of concern, I skipped it.

For the Chin Smoother, I placed the pads under my chin at the bend of my jaw, pressed the vibrator button, opened my mouth and pressed my jaw back against the pads. I definitely felt the muscles tensing around my jaw and neck. First time out, I was only able to do this 10 times.

There were a couple of complementary exercises – for the lips and eyes– that didn’t require the envisage. These were simple, so I did them when I had time.

First time out, it took me considerably longer than five minutes to do the requisite exercises, mainly because it took time to place the envisage correctly. When I became more adept at getting started, I usually finished in under 10 minutes.

I started to see some results after about three weeks. By six weeks, my facial lines had definitely smoothed out considerably and my eyes seemed to open wider. I thought these were great results for something that was non-invasive, chemical free – and which felt so “healthy” to do.

The challenge now is to keep up maintenance faithfully, just as I would at a (theoretical) gym. As the envisage does not require any travel, I’m confident I’ll be able to do it.

Envisage is priced at just under $150, though Amazon often runs special promotions that offer considerable savings. For more information, check the website or call  855-924-4343


Before using Envisage

Before using Envisage


After using Envisage

After using Envisage


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