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Lungarotti’s Le Tre Vaselle Resort Opens Bellauve Wine Therapy Spa

Lungarotti’s Le Tre Vaselle Resort Opens Bellauve Wine Therapy Spa

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Umbria’s Leading Resort Commissioned Daniela Steiner for Wine-Inspired Spa

A visit to Umbria without a stop at Le Tre Vaselle Resort?

“Impossible!” say those international travelers lucky enough to have made the pilgrimage to Torgiano – the medieval town where the world-class resort is nestled among the verdant hills of the central Italian region of Umbria.  

Few, in fact, can resist treating themselves to this charming interlude: A place where time seems to slow down its pace, offering a energizing break where relaxation and comfort go hand in hand with culture, cuisine and wine – all in exquisite taste.

 Where Old World Charm Meets Innovation

An institution among the world’s boutique hotels, with old world aristocratic charm, Le Tre Vaselle Resort has never stopped innovating.

Owned and operated by Umbria’s premier winemaking family, the Lungarottis of Torgiano, known for their tradition of convivial hospitality, it is fitting that Le Tre Vaselle Resort’s latest offering should be a state-of-the art spa, “bellaUve,” devoted to the emerging trend of “vinoterapia” or “wine therapy.”  Accordingly, Le Tre Vaselle Resort has been renamed Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa.

 “Vinoterapia:” A New Form of Wellness

“Wine is the new frontier of the wellness movement,” says Teresa Severini, Lungarotti’s co-owner together with her stepsister Chiara Lungarotti, and one of the very first women enologists, who has overseen every aspect of the new bellaUve Spa.

“As an enologist by training,” continues Severini, “and as a person who is very attentive to health and wellness, I’ve always been keenly aware that every aspect of the grape, from the leaves to the finished wine, has extraordinary antioxidant powers that go beyond just the pleasure of the palate.” 

According to Severini, when applied as an ingredient for facials, body-, scalp-, or foot-massages and even for baths in a wooden cask-shaped tub – wine can have beneficial effects on skin, circulation, stress and skin aging. 

 Specifically, the active principles of grapes have inspired the Lungarotti family’s unique wine therapy treatments based on their own experience in the production of Umbria’s best-known wines and high-end olive oils.

These organic components – grapes, wine, must, seeds, olive oil, even chocolate and, when in season, truffles – are the basis of proven treatments that have been shown to have revitalizing, purifying, moisturizing, smoothing, nutritional and toning effects eagerly sought after by both men and women.

This age-old wisdom was already known by ancient medicine men, as shown at the Wine Museum of the Lungarotti Foundation. Today, science suggests that resveratrol, found in the seeds of red grapes, might have important anti-aging properties.

 Daniela Steiner’s “Wine Dream”

Universally considered the best luxury hotel and resort in Umbria – and, indeed, one of the best in the world – Le Tre Vaselle Resort and Spa had a lofty reputation to maintain when it embarked on creating its bellaUve Spa.

In order to enhance the experience, the Lungarotti family turned to Daniela Steiner, whose pedigree in pioneering, designing and managing luxury spas is impeccable.  In fact, Steiner sees Le Tre Vaselle’s bellaUve Spa as a continuation of her other well-known spas in Stockholm, Monte Carlo, Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh and Tuscany.

Steiner has, in fact, a following of people who love her total care experience. When travelling the world, they choose to stay where her spas are located.  Now the Steiner aficionados may also choose the Torgiano location.

Since the Lungarotti family is known primarily for its quality Umbrian wines, the circle is complete with a vacation whose highlight is the fruit of the vine in all senses.

All the treatments – from the most vinotherapeutic to the traditional as well as basic grooming services – are performed by trained Daniela Steiner experts in fitness and wellness.  Aficionados of these all-natural products, composed of exclusive combinations of vegetable components, along with the unique Daniela Steiner techniques, will find the experience enhanced by the Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa’s bellaUve wine therapy approach. 

 Steiner refers to the bellaUve Spa as her “Wine Dream.”

 The Total Care Experience

“We are certain that by blending this natural concept of beauty and health with the ancient wisdom that considers grapes and wine as sources of well-being, Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa’s bellaUve will be seen as a ‘total care’ experience,” says Severini.

“The recipe is simple,” continues Severini, “Ancient methods enhanced by contemporary comforts. At Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa in Torgiano, in the heart of Umbria, with five-star hospitality, grapes and wine offer new formulas for relaxation and well-being.”

  A Sampling of the Treatments

A 15-minute “At the Feet of Bacchus” foot soak;

A 25-minute wine bath;

A more complete, 90-minute “Inebriate Your Senses Wine Experience;”

Couples treatments such as a 25-minute wine bath for two.

Wine massages include: a four-hand, 40-minute wine massage, a 70-minute “Di…vine” slimming and tissue-draining massage, and a “Di…vine” scalp massage.

In addition to a full complement of Daniela Steiner treatments for body cleansing and slimming, facials, manicure and pedicure as well as beauty and make-up consultation and application, the bellaUve Spa also features special Day Spa programs for four and eight hours that include a tasting of Lungarotti wines with wine baths, massages, facials and other specialty treatments and services.

 Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa

Owned and operated by the Lungarotti family, producers of such premium wines as Torre di Giano, Rubesco and the award-winning Rubesco Riserva “Vigna Monticchio,” the 60-room Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa is housed in a 17th century building in the medieval city of Torgiano nestled among the hills of Umbria. 

Rooms and lounges offer the welcoming comfort and character usually associated with the aristocratic homes of Renaissance Italy and the most refined Italian style.

Befitting of the hospitality offered by one of Italy’s greatest winemakers, Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa’s renowned restaurant, Le Melograne, features world-class meals that reflect local culinary traditions and ingredients.

Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa offers all the amenities of a luxury resort, including a conference hall, wi-fi, Umbrian handcraft shop, a swimming pool, state-of-the art gym and now, of course, the bellaUve vinotherapy spa.

Finally, just a few steps away, hotel guests can enjoy visiting two world-class museums, the Wine Museum and the Olive and Oil Museum, both part of the Lungarotti Foundation.

Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa is located on Via Garibaldi 48, Torgiano (Perugia), Italy.

Tel: 011-39-075-9880447; Fax: 011-39-9880214; E-mail: 

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