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Posted by on Apr 12, 2012 in Bargains | 2 comments

Opening May 1st – The New Miraval Life in Balance Spa

Opening May 1st – The New Miraval Life in Balance Spa

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Life in Balance Spa

Coming May 1, 2012

Miraval is a special place, which has special meaning to everyone who visits. Our new spa will meet that high standard, and provide another way in which guests can restore balance in their lives and bring mindfulness into everything that they do,” says Steve Case, owner of Miraval. Miraval Chairman and CEO Philippe Bourguignon adds, “The new spa’s inspired design combined with Miraval’s creative, mindful touch, give new meaning to the word balance and the pleasure it brings our guests.”

The Concept

With a focus on sustainability, the new spa’s luxury is not about excess, opulence, or lavishness but rather embraces the mantra “Life Enhancing Minimalism”. Working in harmony with renowned Mithun Architects and Clodagh Design – the same team who helped create the Villas at Miraval that completely sold out in fall of 2011 – Miraval is crafting a physical environment that reinforces the spa’s connection to the earth, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces.

“The Miraval Life in Balance Spa with Clarins is the next step in the Miraval Journey, and we are excited to see this inspiring project take shape,” said Michael Tompkins, President & General Manager of Miraval Resort & Spa. “The balance, growth and development we see our guests experience every day  has been a true inspiration to everyone at Miraval, and is something we have strived to recreate through the new spa.”

Architecture & Design

The Miraval Life in Balance Spa with Clarins mirrors an authentic experience of the Arizona desert through its strong connection to the spirit of its rugged landscape.On the entrance wall of the spa building, there is a giant symbol in oxidized steel and healing copper with a turquoise stone center, announcing the approach to the gate to wellness.

All the senses and elements have been enlisted in a cavalcade of design and natural elements. A trough filled with highly tactile pebbles – called a ziggurat – and a giant bowl of round stones, welcomes and encourages guests to build cairns of the kind which dot the desert landscape.The welcome walkway leads to a long reflecting pool of water which reflects the Arizona sky where one will find an outdoor haven of fragrant native plantings; sage, wild lavender, and deer grass. An intimate view of the Catalina Mountains, fortifying in its beautiful simplicity is on view from a plush chaise, the ever changing sunset reflected on the huge glazed wall.In the evening, a fire bowl is lit, symbolizing the sense of community and shared experience that is key to Miraval.

A smoke grey concrete pad at the ancient wood door creates a threshold to the reception hall. On one side the orientation desk is clad with a twenty five foot slice of a fallen cedar tree. Behind it a corrugated papier mache art wall by Louise Crandell vibrates with the intense color of oxidized copper, a native metal.The massive stucco walls of the spa are colored the rich tone of mesquite bark, blending into the desert. Inviting chairs and sofas are grouped in front of a metal clad two sided fireplace. A huge glass wall offers ever changing views of the Catalina Mountains. To the side of the orientation/reception desk, light flickers mysteriously, casting shadows over a graphite glass wall, from a lit water trough at its base. A vast portal lined with aged reclaimed cedar leads to the spa treatment rooms.

“Design and architecture are not just disciplines, but also healing arts that support and enhance the spirit as well as the body,” said Clodagh, principal of Clodagh Design. “The Miraval Life in Balance Spa with Clarins is no exception, with thoughtful designs that impact guests in life-enhancing and sustainable ways.”

Partnership with Clarins

Clarins, the #1 European prestige skincare company was founded 60 years ago in Paris by Jacques Courtin-Clarins, a massage therapist and doctor who always believed in the healing power of touch. In the last six decades, the brand has evolved to become the most trusted European skincare authority for women all over the world and one of the most recognized Spa brands. The guiding principles of the founder hold fast today; offering customized skincare regimes, cutting edge botanical science and spa treatments that rely only on the hands and professional grade products for optimal results.

“The guests at Miraval are savvy spa consumers seeking the highest quality treatments in the unique environment. Clarins collaboration with Miraval honors our spa heritage, unique massage techniques and innovative products. It is a partnership of excellence between two companies who share the same philosophy of total well-being and unparalleled service,” says Christian Courtin-Clarins, Chairman of Clarins Group Supervisory Board.

The partnership of Clarins and Miraval is a natural marriage. Each brand is founded on listening, healing and superior service. A leader in fusion spa services, Miraval will unveil exclusive Clarins-inspired treatments using the brand’s revolutionary PRO Formula products. Over 30 new offerings have been created for the “Life in Balance Spa with Clarins.” Each is designed to go beyond the skin’s surface to awaken the senses and create balance through well-being.

A menu of additional exclusive new Clarins treatments will also be available at a new private area within the spa, the “Miraval Spa Suite.” Offering a totally private experience, a custom door leads to a desert view garden and private bath and shower, where one can lunch beside the fire or soak in the in-ground hot tub surrounded by desert greenery. One can shower under the stars and even have a nap on the deep loungers flanking the water.

Life in Balance Spa Opens May 1.

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