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Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 in Bargains | 1 comment

Renewable Energy Comes to Exercise Equipment

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 SportsArt Fitness introduces energy-harnessing Green System with new ECOFIT Networking System

for Exercise Facilities and Fitness ClubOwners

 Using exercise to produce electricity for the power grid

I’m always interested in new developments in exercise equipment — even though I rarely use such equipment. I did have an excellent treadmill in my apartment, and it did make an excellent coat rack, but after months (or years) of disuse, it ended up in a charity shop.

But I digress.  This new development is about really green exercise equipment — for people who actually exercise. Using this new equipment, they can actually generate electricity instead of just using it!

 SportsArtFitness, an innovative manufacturer of high-end cardio and strength products, has introduced  their revolutionary Green System with the ECOFIT Networking Systemand Display.  With a “pod” of fitness products attached to an inverter that harnesses human-generated power from exercisers, the Green System produces electricity and feeds it back into the power grid as useable energy.

 The newest innovation in exercise equipmen tthat produces electricity

AnitaMiller, Senior Producer Manager for SportsArt Fitness, describes the GreenSystem further: “Power generated by human pedaling is sent to an inverter and then to the power grid of the building. The energy generated through the GreenSystem Products will reduce the building’s energy consumption and therefore reduce the cost. One inverter is capable of linking 10 Green System Products and produces up to 2000 Watts of power. Depending on how many pods of GreenSystem Products a facility has installed, the energy cost savings can be significant. The more you install, the more savings you will see. Great for health, the environment and the pocket book.”

The Revolutionary ECOFIT Networking System and Display

Networking Human Energy

The ECOFITNetworking System and Display will revolutionize usage of exercise equipment in clubs, fitness facilities, hotels, universities and schools.  It’s a system that shows users how much electricity they are producing on in-club digital media displays; allows for localized facility and environmental, “green”messaging on the display screen and includes a “points” accumulation system for energy created by the user.  These points can then be redeemed at the club or ahotel, university or school with fitness facilities – building brand loyalty and user loyalty for the facility.

ECOFITsystem users can also compare their points with other users in contests and competitions. The system is fully integrated with Social Media, includes accessible persona lworkout data (via the user’s




Fact Sheet on the new Green System:

 Whatis the green system?

TheGreen System consists of a pod of products connected to an inverter. The pod is wired to a 208-240VAC power supply. Once the users begin exercising, power is generated and fed back into the power grid to offset other power consumption in the facility.

 What are the electrical requirements of the system?

The System needs to be hard-wired to a 208-240VAC 15A power supply.

 If the green system makes power, why connect to the electrical grid?

The Green System is made to produce power and immediately send it back into the electrical grid. This is much more efficient than battery storage systems,which cost a lot, take space, and require processing that wastes power. With the Green System, the power produced via exercise is immediately fed back int othe grid to be consumed by other electronic devices.

 Which Sports Art Fitness cardio products can be used in the green system?

The full commercial category, including: the G872 elliptical, G572r recumbentcycle, G572u upright cycle

 Why can’t Sports Art’s traditional self-generating cardio products be used in th egreen system?

BecauseGreen System cardio product components are designed specifically for powe rproduction, other cardio products, even self-generating products, are not compatible with the Green System.

 What is the Power production of the green system?

2000 watts-hours, at maximum capacity per pod of products.

Is the green system safe?

Yes. Requirements for the Green System are similar to normal electrical requirements. A qualified electrician would be needed to install the 208-240 VAC power supply. The system must be hard-wired to the grid to ensure safety as electricity passes through the line. A cable kit would be provided to link the products.

 Could the green system send power into a downed line, hurting someone working on the line?

No. If grid power goes off, the Green System turns off automatically (via mechanical means) to prevent feeding power back into the grid.


















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